Fareham United Reformed Church Embraces the Middle East

Fareham United Reformed Church's outreach includes the supports of two charities each year, one local and the other national or international. For 2016 and 2017 we have chosen a new international charity - Embrace the Middle East.

Embrace the Middle East focuses broadly on three issues: education, health and community development. However, the needs vary massively in each community. For example:

- In Upper Egypt, Embrace supports grass-roots community development, with housing schemes, vocational training and literacy programmes.
- In Cairo, they support work with the refugee community.
- In the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, the focus is Syrian refugees, providing emergency relief aid and education.
- In Beirut the priority is more on education and helping those with disabilities.
- In Palestine, Embrace is engaged in reconciliation work with the next generation of Palestinian leaders as well as in education, food security and primary healthcare.

Embrace responds to the specific needs of each location and over the next two years we will arrange a number of fundraising events to raise awareness of their work, and support them as they strive to bring hope and healing in a broken world.

See more at: http://www.embraceme.org/