Come and Join Us at Fareham United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church, Osborn Road South, Fareham PO16 7DGThe United Reformed Church, Osborn Road South, Fareham PO16 7DG

We hope that you will find much to interest you here and will want to join with us as Christians in Fareham.

Our church mission statement is "Sharing Jesus' love with the world today". This means we, all ages, come together each week for Sunday worship to listen for God's word for us. The rest of the week we try our best to act on what we have heard both in church and through our own prayers.

We try to care for each other to the very best, and this love and care then flows out through all of us in our work, leisure and home lives.

Wherever you are as regards faith in God, come among us and help us together, to grow closer to him day by day.

    Daily Devotions

You may or may not be aware that there are now daily reflections, written by all kinds of contributors, made available by the United Reformed Church as emails.

You can subscribe here to receive them:

You can also find them on Facebook at

Come to the Christmas Fair - Saturday 25 November 2017

Fareham United Reformed Church will be transformed into a winter market, a Santa's grotto and a festival of fun and fellowship on Saturday 25th November 2017 as part of our annual Christmas Fair. All are welcome - visit Father Christmas, buying some home made produce and gifts, and meeting friends old and new over a drink and a mince pie.

Fareham Churches Remember...

A century passes, memories will fade;
war's sun goes down, sharp pain is hid in shade.
Yet we still pray for peace, as those men prayed;
we will remember, we will remember.

Ten times ten thousand fell amid that rage.
What is the gain we measure from that age,
once reaped from carnage on that harrowed stage?
we will remember, we will remember.

While some were buried, others have no grave,
unmarked they fell yet all, we say, were brave,
and still we stand in thanks for all they gave:
we will remember, we will remember.

Then let us work, and move and strive for peace
until the grace of God can bring release,
and then all nations sing and never cease:
we will remember, we will remember.

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