Welcome to Fareham United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church, Osborn Road South, Fareham PO16 7DGThe United Reformed Church, Osborn Road South, Fareham PO16 7DG

We hope that you will find much to interest you here and will want to join with us as Christians in Fareham.

Our church mission statement is "Sharing Jesus' love with the world today". This means we, all ages, come together each week for Sunday worship to listen for God's word for us. The rest of the week we try our best to act on what we have heard both in church and through our own prayers.

We try to care for each other to the very best, and this love and care then flows out through all of us in our work, leisure and home lives.

Wherever you are as regards faith in God, come among us and help us together, to grow closer to him day by day.

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! A Beautiful Day!

Living God,
in the light of a new day we give thanks for life,
in the light of Easter morning we give thanks for new life.
We celebrate with joy, the stone rolled away,
the empty tomb, and meeting Jesus.

We remember the womn, grief stricken and fearful,
running to tell the disciples the news.
We remember disciples, running to see for themselves,
stopping and stooping, peering into the tomb,
returning home amazed.

We come to you, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes breathless.
We may find puzzling mystery, bewildering emptiness,
and messengers questioning 'why?'

We pray that through remembering what we have heard,
listening to you calling our name,
and sharing together what it all means,
we may return home ready to be witnesses
to your love that does not die.

This prayer was taken from the United Reformed Church's prayer handbook 2016 'hidden in plain sight''
Written by Simon Walkling, based on John 20:1-18 and Luke 24:1-12

Easter Garden 2016Easter Garden 2016

Young Christians in Fareham do the Church Crawl for Sport Relief

In the past few month’s PFZ (Parent-Free Zone), Fareham URC’s youth club meets together with other young Christians Together in Fareham, including friends from Holy Trinity Church and Our Saviour Lutheran Church.

Building on the success of PFZ in the 2012 and 2014 Sport Relief Mile, where we raised over £2000, we are trying something different to raise the profile of not only Sport Relief but also our churches. You might have seen Jo Brand last month walk 170 miles from Hull to Liverpool in what was called ‘One Hell of a Walk’ – so for Sport Relief 2016, we have decided that we are going for a ‘Heavenly Walk’ around Fareham and will try to visit as many of the local churches as possible.

We will start our journey at St Columba’s Church at 4.00pm on Sunday 13 March 2016 and will finish at Fareham United Reformed Church for some well-deserved refreshment and our club night.

While we're busy preparing for the big day, we really need your help to make sure we smash our fundraising target, which currently stand at £250. Big or small, every bit of sponsorship we receive will help people living unimaginably tough lives, both on our doorstep in the UK and across the world's poorest countries.

During a recent service we showed the church the story of Champa who lives in Dhaka in Bangladesh. She is 10 years old has a very different life from you and me. Champa lives in a slum settlement and has to work collecting rubbish from the street to sell to support her family. But the good news is a project funded by Sport Relief cash is helping her. Champa goes to a drop-in centre for a few hours a day, where she can study, make new friends and find time to play like other children her own age. In 2016, some of the money raised will help people like Champa and her friends to have a better future. To see the video, visit http://www.sportrelief.com/champa

Our fundraising page can now be found at https://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/pfz-christians-together-in-fareham

Thank you for your support.

Fareham URC Sport Relief Team 2014Fareham URC Sport Relief Team 2014

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